Cooperation and Exchange
Academic Funding Program

GAIAA Academic Funding Program aims to fund high-quality research projects and outstanding talents in the field of artificial intelligence at different levels and through three series of activities: the Research Internship Program, the Faculty Exchange and the Seed Fund. Participants can not only receive funding from GAIAA's various talent incentives and cooperative scientific research funds, but also participate in the research projects reserved by GAIAA.


Summer Research Internship Program

Faculty Exchange aims at third-year and above doctoral students in GAAIA member universities, providing a research internship opportunity of industry-academia-research;Including providing participants with exclusive data resources and rich experimental computing power to experience working in first-class laboratory and participate in the major frontier projects and basic theoretical research of AI.

Faculty Exchange Program

Faculty Exchange aims at faculty and scholars in the field of AI research in GAIAA member universities, providing exchange opportunities to targeted scientific research institutions;In addition, the program also provides a 'Speaker Platform' for AI research scholars from GAIAA member universities; Participants can visit each other's member universities and participate in joint lectures, academic exchanges and other activities.

Seed Fund Program

GAIAA opens scientific research topics to member universities, and aims at funding basic frontier research on AI and key technology through the cooperation mechanism of joint application to enhance partnership between overseas scholars and mainland scholars from GAIAA member universities; One of the applicants should be a full-time researcher from a GAIAA member mainland university, and the other is from an overseas university/research institution;