The Global Artificial Intelligence Academic Alliance (GAIAA) is a global NGO aiming to be the leading platform that supports academic communications and cooperation among world leading artificial intelligence (AI) research institutions. The GAIAA is based in Shanghai, and its Founding Members are the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Fudan University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Nanyang Technological University, SenseTime, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tsinghua University, the University of Science and Technology of China, the University of Sydney, and Zhejiang University.

Alliance Vision

Leading AI researchers of the world’s top universities will convene regularly to discuss and share the latest trends in AI as well as to identify areas for collaboration. The Alliance will also engage key decision makers and will advocate for the advancement of AI technology, its application, and public awareness.

GAIAA Secretariat

The secretariat of the GAIAA is Shanghai Gaiya AI Academic Development Center, which is a municipal-level private non-enterprise unit established under the guidance and management supervision of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economic and Informatization and Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau. The duties and responsibilities of the secretariat mainly include drafting and organizing the implementation of the annual work plan of the Alliance, implementing the resolutions of the Council, maintaining daily contact with the members of the Alliance, communication and exchange, media publicity, etc.

Academic Exchange
Academic Exchange

Promoting international academic exchange through various formats including co-authored academic papers, joint lectures, joint seed grants for projects.

Industry-Research Cooperation
Industry-Research Cooperation

Facilitating partnerships with industry players and investments in university-groomed start-ups to help establish a comprehensive industry-research ecosystem.

Development Planning
Development Planning

Strengthening communications with government and policy makers and providing the scientific foundations for establishing AI industry standards and development plans.

Talent Cultivation
Talent Cultivation

Promoting the exchange and cultivation of talents in various regions, strengthen the input and guidance in AI education, and provide mentorship, practical opportunities, and funding for AI research talents.

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