Recommendation of the "2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference Youth Outstanding Paper Award "

2023-02-14 202

To whom it may concern:

The World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) is an international conference in the field of artificial intelligence approved by the State Council of China. It has been held for five consecutive times so far and has had a wide influence in the field of artificial intelligence. The sixth conference will be held in Shanghai this year.
The selection activity of “World Artificial Intelligence Conference Youth Outstanding Paper Award” (hereinafter referred to as WAICYOP) has been successfully held for three times and has been highly praised by young scientists. It provides a platform for young talents in the field of artificial intelligence to show their talents. This year, we will continue to hold the selection of WAICYOP.

Sponsored by the organizing committee of WAIC, the award aims to encourage innovative research, promote the growth of young talents and progress of science and technology in the field of artificial intelligence. Guided by China Association of Science and Technology and supported by Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Information and Electronic Engineering Academic Division Chinese Academy of Engineering and Microsoft Research Asia, the evaluation of 2023WAICYOP is hosted by Shanghai Association of Science and Technology, Shanghai Scient Development Foundation and Global AI Academic Alliance. The committee will be composed of famous artificial intelligence experts. We will carry out the selection of the outstanding papers for youth all around the world and will present the awards at the WAIC 2023.

The related matters concerning the recommendation of "2023WAICYOP " are hereby notified as follows.

Awards setting

  1. Set up " WAIC Youth Outstanding Paper Award " and " WAIC Youth Outstanding Paper Nomination Award".
  2. The number of " WAIC Youth Outstanding Paper Award " and "nomination award " is no more than 10 respectively.

Requirements for Participating in Judgement

  1. The participating papers should be published in an academic journal or conference after January 1, 2020.
  2. The publications have presented significant achievements in basic theory or application research of intelligent science and technology and the related fields, or remarkable results in the key technology or application technology innovation, etc.
  3. The first author was under 40 at the time of paper publication.

Paper Fields

Basic theory of artificial intelligence, Mathematical fundamentals of artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Computer vision and pattern recognition, Natural language processing, Knowledge processing and mining, Intelligent chip and system, Data analysis and big data system, AI for Science, ChatGPT, Cognitive psychology and neuroscience, Robotics, Human-computer Interaction and Metaverse, Intelligent perception and Distributed Intelligence, Applications of Artificial Intelligence.

Recommendation Mode

  1. Recommended by academic organizations, such as universities, research institutes or companies.
  2. Recommended by experts (professor or outstanding scientist) in the field of artificial intelligence
  3. Recommended by the first author who meets the requirements.

Selection Organization and Method

  1. Set up an evaluation experts committee, with well-known experts in artificial intelligence as judges.
    There is an evaluation executive committee and an evaluation office. The evaluation executive committee is responsible for the preliminary evaluation; the evaluation office is responsible for format review and daily organization and implementation.
  2. The selection process is divided into three stages: format review, initial evaluation and final evaluation.
    Format review: by the evaluation office
    Initial evaluation: by the evaluation executive office. There are no more than 20 candidate outstanding papers after initial evaluation. Candidate outstanding papers shall be publicized before final evaluation.
    Final evaluation: the evaluation committee shall vote by secret ballot, with no more than 10 outstanding papers and no more than 10 nomination papers. The voting results shall be publicized.

Material Submission

  1. A Published Paper in PDF.
  2. WAIC Youth Outstanding Paper Award Recommendation Form (as the Attachment Ⅰ).
  3. One PDF version of the recommendation form (optional).
  4. Other supporting materials.

Submission Website


11:59PM UTC+8:00 (“anywhere on Earth”) Apr. 21, 2023

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